About Us

IMarks Digital Marketing Academy is dedicated to educating students/ marketers/ professionals/ graduates in the field of Digital Marketing to ensure career growth and competitiveness in job industry globally.


To provide timely, quality and relevant training in Digital Marketing to individuals and organizations through Digital Marketing Experts

To impart knowledge, techniques and skills in Digital Marketing through training programmes for all levels of skills


To impart holistic education to the students/ marketers/ professionals/ graduates and giving them every opportunity to advance their career in digital marketing


Classroom-Based Experience

Before starting IMarks Digital Marketing Academy, the founders had rich experience in the field of digital marketing dealing with organizations and business people. Furthermore, the founders are running a digital marketing agency, advising clients on how to plan and implement successful digital marketing techniques in their organizations. We therefore have much focused practical customer experience for over 10 years. We would like to impart this experience through our classroom-based training. This experience involves standard classroom type activities, including lecturing, interactive demonstrations, videos, workshops, creativity and networking.

Online-Based Experience

There is a way that we can bring our classroom experience into an online environment. We had developed a new platform that incorporates the full range of interactive experiences that you would find in the classrooms to the web. You can interact with your classmates, listen to them, discuss, network, use social media to interact with your peers, takes notes, etc.