Digital Marketing

Course Overview

Digital Marketing (also Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing) is a collective name for marketing activity carried out online, as opposed to traditional marketing through print media, live promotions, TV and radio advertisement.

The rapid growth of Digital Marketing Industry is a direct consequence of the global phenomenon that is the Internet, and effectiveness of Digital Marketing channels in generating revenue and awareness. Digital Marketing offers rather realistic costs (particularly important for MSME and start-ups), accurate targeting and excellent reporting.

Course Details
Objectives & Outcomes

You will have a clear understanding of the changes that are taking place in marketing and how digital is affecting almost all aspects of marketing decision making. You will understand how digital marketing must become a vital part of your overall marketing mix.

Course Topics

This course explains and demonstrates the power of the internet and how to harness these changes as the relationship between organizations and customers define the way we live. We will be showing how you can apply digital concepts across the marketing function in any business. Topics covered:

Strategies in Digital Marketing
Aligning Internet with Business Objectives
Examples of Great Case Studies
User Behavior & Navigation
Branding and User Experience
Developing a digital plan

Who Should Attend?

Anybody with responsibility for developing or implementing an organization’s online strategy, including senior management, marketing managers, communication specialists, webmasters and IT managers and personnel.

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