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Got a website but no traffic?

The internet has become an important platform for businesses and small enterprises to become seen by more people than they could ever imagine. This is what search engine marketing is all about. Nowadays, local operations that used to run only in a town or city level can now move across and operate in a global scale, offering products and services over the Internet. For that to happen, it is essential to have an effective internet marketing optimization strategy. Businesses that are aimed for expansion need to move forward and improve. With the help of Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing, it is possible to find the most effective ways to effectively transform these ideas to reality and make the business more promising and reliable for the global market.

Why search engine marketing is so important today

Below are a few facts which should leave you in no doubt that search engine marketing should form an integral part of every web promotion strategy.

85% of Internet users find websites through search engine marketing.

90% of Internet users do not go past the top 30 search engine results. They simply type something else in if they can't find a relevant site.

75% of Internet users have the intention of purchasing a product or service when using search engines.

Course Details

The course consists of combination of SEO and PPC course content

Growth in the SEM industry has created a strong demand for experienced and talented Search Engine Marketing professionals. This demand is expected to grow even faster in the coming years with lots of new opportunities for existing and budding Search Engine Marketers.

The SEM industry offers various kinds of job roles for its professionals. Given that the industry is still evolving, these job roles are also changing and new roles are being created with new initiatives. For instance, online PR (Public Relations) has gained significant growth over the last year and so is the need for PR writers and marketers.

An SEM professional may be employed for an in-house work or by an agency. For instance, ecommerce companies like eBay, Google, Yahoo hire SEM professionals for their own products and services promotion. Since every activity of an SEM job can be done online, lots of freelancing opportunities exist for independent SEM professionals.

Please note that depending upon the size of the organization, some of the mentioned roles may be combined into a single role.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - VP/Director, SEO Manager, SEO Team Lead, SEO Executive ( Link Building , Keyword Research etc), Content Writer and Editor, Account Manager (for organizations who serve multiple clients)

PPC (Pay Per Click) - Campaign Executive, Campaign Manager, Ad Writer or Copywriter, Account Manager

The salary offered for different roles in India range between Rs 120,000 (approx $2500) to Rs 30,00,000 (approx $65000) per annum.

Why should I take this course?

Traditional/ offline marketing is very expensive these days. Almost all the companies are looking for ways to target customers easily and effectively. And also consumers are moving to the internet and mobile to buy things. While there is this huge demand in the industry, there is also a lack of skilled professionals to fulfill this demand. Taking this course will train you in the skills that are sought after in the industry and pay well.

Who can take this course?

There is no specific qualification required for this course but minimum requirement is Graduation. Someone who is Internet savvy and is interested in marketing and advertising will benefit tremendously from this course.

I am not very tech-savvy. Are these courses technical?

The courses are though technical involving yourself working on internet but not a programming course where you will not have to learn any coding. All of the Digital Marketing courses focuses on how to, best implementation strategies, techniques of online marketing.

What will I learn in this course?

This course will help you in getting awareness of online marketing and to become an expert internet marketer. You will be able to create and manage online campaigns such that your sites show up higher on Google searches among other things. The course will teach you to use Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn for targeted advertising.

What is the difference between a Professional (Long Term) Course and Short Term Courses like SEO course, SMO Course, Digital Marketing Course, etc..?

Professional (Long Term) course highlights the every aspect of Digital Marketing including SEO, SMO, SEM and other tools. Short term courses focus on in-depth training on that particular concept and strategy.

Does taking the course count as work experience?

Being a Digital Marketing Company, we have actual customers for whom we do Internet marketing. You will get a chance to feel and work on these live projects during the training.

What is the dress code?

While the majority of our students are working professionals, the dress code at our courses is casual.

Do you provide any certification? Is there an exam?

We do provide an IMarks Digital Marketing Course Completion Certificate which will hold value in the industry. Students need to complete an assignment if they wish to acquire certification.

Can I reschedule a missed lecture?

If you miss a session/ module on any of the courses, it is possible to catch up during other sessions once available. All requests must be arranged with admin department via email/ phone. You can also schedule appointment of 15 - 30 mins one to one with faculty if you have any queries or strategies that you might want to discuss.

Where are the courses held?

All our long term and short term courses are held in our corporate office located at Dilsukhnagar, which is a state of the art training facility.

What kind of companies will hire me?

There are several Internet based companies like Google, Yahoo, Rediff, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile companies, retail and FMCG, Ad agencies and also -Internet based businesses.

Why should I join IMarks Digital Marketing Academy?

IMarks Digital Marketing Academy provides training based on current industry needs. You will get an opportunity to understand today’s online marketing scenario across various industry verticals and also an opportunity to feel and work on live projects.

Do I pay Service Tax on top of the course fees?

Yes. Service Tax is compulsory to pay on top of the course fees.

If you do not find an answer to your question on this page please don't hesitate to email us and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

1 Month

1 Hour/Day

Fees : Rs. 9,999

Start date will be from May 1st.

• Full course fee should be paid in advance
• Discounts are available for bulk registration of more than 3 participants
• Fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable

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